Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10. Around the house

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

It’s been a great experience staying with Bhagtu and his family for a week.

A note on Indian furniture:

 Manali - 21 - Bhagtu's lounge
Watching IPL cricket in the lounge - mattresses

 Manali - 22 - Bhagtu's dining room
The dining room – mattresses on the floor again

I don’t know if mattresses on the floor is the norm or just the preference at Bhagtu’s.

The only small negative about staying at Bhagtu’s was dinner time – we’d have to wait until he got home from work before we’d have dinner, and sometimes that wouldn’t be until 9 or 9:30pm. Dinner was always the same – dhal (lentils) on rice. It’s nice, and it really fills you up, but it is a little repetitive. They love it though and eat it for dinner every day, year-round.

Indian beds

Indian beds can be summed up like so: rock hard, short (my feet touch the end), and wide enough for the whole family (cos they’re often two single beds pushed together). What’s quite gross is that when you check into a hotel they will only have a sheet on the mattress itself, and then no top sheet – only blankets. I don’t wear pyjamas and I don’t fancy an itchy woolly blanket on bare skin so I always have to ask for an extra sheet.

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